Hydroponics Growing System Indoor Garden

Hydroponics Growing System Indoor Garden

The iDOO Hydroponics Growing System is like a super cool indoor garden that makes growing plants inside your house easy and fun! It comes with 10 pods, so you can grow all sorts of herbs at the same time without any messy soil.

What's awesome is that you don't need to worry about giving your plants the right amount of sunlight because this kit has a special light that helps them grow strong and healthy. It even has a timer, so you don't have to figure out when to turn the light on or off – it does it for you!

With the hydroponic system, you don't use soil; instead, your plants get all the nutrients they need through water. The kit comes with a pump that makes sure the water circulates properly, so your plants get the food they need to grow well.

The planter is big enough for your plants to grow up to 15 inches tall, giving them plenty of space to thrive. It's like having a mini garden right in your room!

Awesome Hydroponics Growing System: Super Fast and Clean Plant Growth!

Silent Water-Pump Circulation:

No more messy soil troubles! The Hydroponics Growing System comes with a super quiet water pump system that helps plants grow 20% faster than using regular soil. It's like a clean and speedy upgrade for your plant-growing game!

Two Cool Grow Modes: Veggies & Fruits Flowers

Automatic 24-Watt Light:

This system has a 24-watt light that's really smart – it turns on and off by itself. If you're growing leafy plants like lettuce or spinach, go for the Vegetables Mode with its cool blue light. For fruit buddies like strawberries or tomatoes, switch to Flower&Fruits Mode for some extra red light action to make them super strong!

Easy Peasy Germination Garden Kit

20pcs Degradable Palm Sponges and 10pcs Grow Domes:

The kit hooks you up with 20 degradable palm sponges and 10 grow domes, making transplanting a breeze. Using these sponges is way easier than other methods. Perfect for starting up tomatoes and peppers without any hassle!

Adjustable Height Hydroponics System

Grow 10 Plants, Height Up to 15 Inches:

Change the height of the light to match your plants' growth stages. This system lets you grow up to 10 plants at once, and you can adjust the height up to 15 inches. It's like a personal playground for different types of plants!

Complete Indoor Herb Garden Kit

Everything You Need:

The Indoor Herb Garden Kit packs 10 containers, 10 grow domes, 20 sponges, 2 bottles, 10 tags, and 5 covers – it's basically your one-stop shop for an awesome indoor garden. It's not just a cool addition to your room; it also makes an epic gift for you, your pals, your family, or anyone who loves growing plants.

To sum it up, the Hydroponics Growing System is your ticket to easy, fast, and clean plant-growing fun. Whether you're a beginner or a plant pro, get ready to watch your indoor garden thrive with fresh, home-grown herbs and veggies!

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